Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Three hours on a bus fro Kuala Lumpur had us in the country side in a little place called Cameron Highlands. This beautiful little town was chalk full of authentic eateries and mom and pop shops, all surrounded by rolling hills that are covered in either tea plantations or strawberry fields. We enjoyed easy walks to the nearest village to smile at the locals and try their local specialty cuisine called “steamboat”. We also took a taxi up the mountain to get to the lookout and take some pictures, our plans were thwarted when construction signs made it clear that climbing the look out tower was not allowed at this time. fortunately no such signs were placed around the tea plantations where we sipped some delicious fresh tea or the strawberry fields where we spent some time filling our basket with only the juiciest ones we could find. Our trip to Cameron Highlands although short lived was nothing shy of breathtaking. dscf1247

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