Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A new country, a new city and a new perspective on life. As we continue our journey we find ourselves constantly learning new things about each other, ourselves and the people we share this world with.


Ho Chi Minh has proven to be a bustling city, full of life, history, and restaurants on wheels. Walking through the streets was comfortable, we felt safe enough to venture down alley ways towards neon lights that would light up the city at night. We walked an average of ten kilometres a day and never saw the same thing twice. We walked through residential areas, financial districts, markets and harbour fronts and we were amazed by it all.

DSCF7168.JPG Our favourite section of the city had to be the antique street we found not too far from where we were staying. An entire street lined with shops that were overflowing with interesting items from the past.

DSCF6815.JPGWe found something familiar to India in the way traffic moved and more so in the way people crossed the streets. It took us a day to get back into the mindset needed to cross the busy streets, basically just start walking and trust that traffic will swerve around you. A terrifying prospect but worth it in the end to get to the other side.

DSCF6470.JPGEveryone we passed was quick to smile at us, many would offer us a seat and something to eat or drink, sometimes even for free. We were always interested in seeing what street vendors had to offer and after playing charades to figure out what it was we’d take a picture and end up trying something new

DSCF6840.JPGThe coffee in Ho Chi Minh was a much needed upgrade from what they serve in the Philippines, we didn’t waste any time finding the local spots that roasted their own beans and served up fresh Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.


Ho Chi Minh is made up of late night food markets, a city that seemed brighter at night than during the day and people that genuinely wanted to share their joy in any way they could.



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