Norway Part One

After an incredible (yet exhausting) two weeks in Iceland, we were ready to relax for a couple days. We landed late at night in Oslo and made our way to our little AirBnb and it was almost 1am by the time we got there. We were exhausted and fell asleep before our heads hit the pillows, we slept in a little bit and took our time waking up and really enjoyed not feeling the rush of having to repack the van, make breakfast and hit the road.


We had a couple days where we could relax, take our time and not feel the pressure of needing to explore everything all at once. The first day was spent doing some work, napping and making plans for the next few days.


We made ourselves at home in the cozy little apartment we had rented and enjoyed the mild weather during our walks around the area.


The days flew by, we ate shawarma at some local spots and wandered the streets and the downtown area just enjoying watching the people come and go.


Before we knew it, we were on our way back to the airport to catch our flight over to bergen where we would begin our road trip across Norway. It was only a short flight and we landed around mid day, it was sunny and much warmer than it had been in Oslo.


We picked up our rental car, which had been upgraded for us to a bigger SUV, and made our way into the city to find our apartment. As we drove we noticed the colourful buildings lining the streets, the beautiful waterways and general easiness of the city.


Our apartment was located about a five minute walk from the city centre, it was on a quiet little street up the hill where we could watch the sunset each night without anything obstructing our view.


We were blessed with five days of beautiful weather which we took advantage of by walking the entire city several times.


We enjoyed everything from the fish market to the local dives, the retro stores to the upscale shops.

We loved the colourful houses and cobblestone streets and all the little cafes were great places to hang out and just watch the people. Bergen was just beautiful and we were hard pressed to leave but excited to hit the road and explore more of the country.


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