Mt.Fuji & Hakone

We decided a trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without going to Mt.Fuji, so we booked a room near lake Kawaguchi for two days and crossed our fingers that the clouds would part and give us a view of the mountain.


We arrived in the evening and were lucky enough to see the peak of Mt.Fuji as the sun was setting. We were told that it was raining for two weeks before we arrived and were apprehensive about our timing, but with so little time left in japan, we took our chances. Fortunately for us the next few days were sunny and clear, giving us great walking around weather and a great view of the wonderful Mt.Fuji. We walked around the lake, rented some swan peddle boats and took the cable car up to one of the many viewing points in the area.


Not too far away is a place called Hakone, we spent a couple nights there before heading back to Narita airport and our inevitable journey home. Hakone is a small place known for its lakes and shrines. We took a boat across the lake and walked around the small touristy town, took some pictures at the shrine and had some delicious food.


There are a couple cable cars worth taking for the exceptional views of the surrounding area. The weather held out for us at a steady 34 degrees and not a cloud in sight for our final few days in Japan and we couldn’t have been happier with our final week.


It was an amazing month filled with every kind of emotion for us, my dad and brother came to visit us, we experienced a beautiful culture, learnt its history and enjoyed everything else it has to offer. We look forward to coming back to Japan and exploring even more of the country.

P.s. head over to our youtube page to see the full month of adventure in Japan!

-Live Life With Passion

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