Kobe was a short stopover for us on our way to Hiroshima but one that we enjoyed immensely and will not soon forget. The cute little city is fantastic for walking around, the china town especially is full of fantastic street food.

As good as the street food was, we were there for one reason only, to have some kobe beef. We had heard that Steakland is the place to go so on our first night we stopped in to make a reservation, to our great dismay they said they were fully booked up for the next two nights which was the entirety of our time in Kobe. We walked out and looked at other places to try but had our hearts set on Steakland. We decided not to let it get to us as we wandered around the next day, enjoying the pedestrian streets, malls and cafes.


As dinnertime rolled around we decided once again to try our luck with Steakland, fortune was with us as three seats just happened to open up as we walked in, we jumped at the opportunity and into our seats. We were watching the chefs prepare our steaks on the hot table in front of us as we sipped our beers and tried not to drool at the site of the amazing cuts of meat sizzling on the griddle.


An hour later we left with our bellies full and feeling perfectly sleepy, it wasn’t long before we decided to head home for the night and prepare for the train ride to Hiroshima.


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