There are so many things that bring joy and satisfaction into our lives. The smaller the things are the more they mean to us. For example, while I may enjoy wearing a nice watch and driving a fancy car, I get so much more satisfaction from going on an adventure and creating the story of my life.


Culture, advertising, marketing and media all tell us we need to buy THINGS if we want to be happy and satisfied with our lives, that we can’t possibly live without their products. While I am guilty of indulging in the over expensive meal or brand name clothes, I can say with certainty that these things only impact the short term. At the end of the day you’ll remember the smiles around a table with friends, the excitement you feel after hiking up a mountain and the exhilaration of stepping outside your comfort zone. These are the things that bring me the greatest satisfaction in life.


I implore you, stop pricing out your next car or dreaming about staying in a nice hotel, go find an adventure and create a story that will last a lifetime. Learn the meaning of satisfaction through experience and excitement.

They Went There



photo challenge – satisfaction


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