Kep And Kampot

We traveled to the South of Cambodia to Kep and Kampot for our final few days. We went to see salt fields, pepper farms and eat the fresh crab we’d been hearing so much about. We stayed for four nights in a great little hotel that was run by a Belgium family. The hotel sported a nice pool, riverside accommodations, pool tables and much more to keep you entertained. We didn’t spend much time there, we rented a scooter and spent our days exploring the southern parts of Kep and Kampot.

We ventured into a national park to go to a look out point and see a waterfall, it was over an hour of driving on beautifully paved and winding roads up the mountain. It was nearly empty which made us feel like we had the place to ourselves, the sun was out and we couldn’t have asked for a better ride up.


Unfortunately, as we neared the top the weather began to shift and we had only just stopped to eat when the rain started coming down. Thankfully it only lasted about an hour and then the sun came back out. We made our way around the mountain to the waterfalls and spent some time on the giant flat rocks taking pictures and flying the drone.



The next day we spent seeing the pepper and salt farms. The pepper farm was prepared for us with free tours and a little cafe/souvenir shop. We spent about an hour learning about the farm, everything they grow and how it works. The same can not be said for the salt farms, but we enjoyed it just as much. We drove up a dirt road and spotted some women tending the salt flats, they hardly noticed us as we grabbed our cameras and started snapping shots of the beautiful landscape.  They all became interested as they came off the field and wanted to see the pictures of themselves that we had taken. Smiles and laughter was the only form of communication we had but it speaks volumes.


Lunch time was rolling around and we knew what we wanted, Kep and Kampot are renowned for their crab farms and fresh crab dishes. We ate at a place called Holy Crab and only wished we had bigger bellies to be able to enjoy more of their food.


In the next few days we went to abandoned temples, saw some cool ruins and drove around the mighty durian that signifies the centre of the town where the night market is. On our last day we took a bus back to Pnom Penh and got to see our friends one more time before catching our flight to Thailand.


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