Kuta, Bali

Kuta was a bustling beachside town that had great food and was easy to get around (if you can ride a scooter). We had a blast exploring every day, getting lost and finding little markets, restaurants or boutique shops. Everyone we met was very friendly and ready to help us out at every turn. Kuta wasn’t our favourite Bali destination but it was definitely worth spending a couple days there. It’s overwhelming compared to other parts of Bali and crowded with Australians. While walking through the streets it becomes pretty obvious that authentic Balinese culture has become washed out and replaced with touristy novelties.

We enjoyed walking along the beaches with soft sand and taking pictures of the surfers and sunsets alike, other than that, we didn’t find too much to keep us occupied in the way of adventure. The nearby town of Seminyak was not unlike Kuta, although it is a little more laid back and quiet, it is still tourist driven and densely populated with spas, boutiques and fancy restaurants. Seminyak is home to many beautiful resorts where the only real difference is the aesthetic of the place, there isn’t much variety in activities or amenities in the area.

Overall, our time in Kuta was pretty relaxed, we loved hanging out on the bean bag chairs by the beach and watching the sunset while sipping on a cold beer.


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