Ubud, Bali

Island life is definitely something we could get used to. breakfast by the pool and a ten minute scooter ride into town to walk through the streets that are colourful with fruits, clothing and crafts. Everyone seems to be on their own spiritual journey which makes the atmosphere super friendly and easy going, theres no shortage of good food or sunshine, and the warm afternoon rain is always there to make sure you don’t get too hot. The rice paddies and waterfalls that surround the area are hard to miss considering they are everywhere. We love the tropical feel of Ubud, staying in what seems like the middle of the jungle, with dense forest all around definitely makes you feel connected to the nature.



One thought on “Ubud, Bali

  1. Sharon Finkelstein says:

    Love all the pictures and the words of your thoughts…….no matter who’s eyes we see the world through,my hope is that we all see the beauty and realize how incredible our planet is and who we share it with.The more we see,the more we learn,the more we accept.

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