Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya is an interesting city near the coast of Indonesia. We stayed at very unique hotel that was aptly names Artotel. The entire place was covered in custom artwork and decorated with sculptures and painting alike. They had great live music almost every night that when paired with a cold beer made for relaxing evenings at the hotel. the city itself was made up of many parks, malls and heritage sites that would keep any tourist busy, but our only goal was to see the volcano at Mount Bromo. We left on a midnight tour to make there for sunrise and once again found that the weather was against us. Rain and fog followed us the whole way there and kept the mountains shrouded from view. We stuck it out and made the ascent up the side of the mountain to look into the crater, all the while breathing in heavy sulphuric air. Our climb was useless tho because the fog was no less dense at the top of the mountain than it was at the bottom, we couldn’t see ten feet in front of our faces. I would still like to go back one day and stare into the mouth of a volcano.


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